Sustainable Learning Development & Outreach

Information to follow on complete details of our Sustainable Learning Development Program. The program will be designed to incorporate student internships, student research, and community mentorship to assist in learning new information, formulating new solutions, and communicating our science effectively to the public.

Look for more information on all our planned activities within the Research and Learning Development program in 2014. Please contact us if you have any inquiries.

Activities Include:


Our interns currently are from Stony Brook University’s Sustainability Program. Our interns are currently researching:the possibility of implementing a regional food composting facility or program in the Peconic region and examining what has been done in other areas of our country to address the alarming concerns of water quality. We will seek to partner with other organizations to mobilize student researchers to GIS map septic and cess pool systems within the Peconic region. The Town of Southampton has lead the effort in GIS mapping and will serve as a model for our researchers. Thereafter, the institute working with local engineers, planners, environmentalists, and municipalities will map a pollution perimeter zone of Nitrogen pollution in our coastal system.

STREAMS (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Sustainability) Curricula:

The Institute is in the process of developing STREAMS Curricula to be provided to any school district. The purpose of STREAMS is to provide teachers with materials, training, and knowledge in expanding the classroom to include the outdoors while satisfying state mandates. The Institute will seek to support classrooms with technology and materials to expand on a student’s learning experience free of charge.

Look for our donation boxes soon throughout our local businesses in our “Pennies for the Peconics” fundraising campaign. 100 percent of the proceeds will go to schools, classrooms, and mobile learning activities for students in our region. Support this effort today.

Teacher Training:

A variety of professional development workshops are offered throughout the year at Brookhaven National Laboratory. These workshops will also be provided at the Peconic Institute Headquarters to encourage more participation by teachers and districts in the Peconic Region. Examples of past workshops include molecular ecology, geographical information systems, and global positioning systems. During the summer, 45-hour workshops are offered for both elementary and secondary teachers.

In addition, the Institute will collaborate with regional organizations in providing or hosting teacher workshops throughout the academic year in STEM or STREAMS curricula.

Research Fellowships:

The Institute provides opportunities for researchers to be fellows of our research and development laboratory. It is hoped that research opportunities will be funded for area college and university students. There will also be Junior Research Fellowship opportunities for area high school students.

Outreach Events:

The Institute provides opportunities for the community to have a safe space/safe place to educate each other. For example, we hosted the Town of Southampton’s Watershed Event in 2013. For more information on how the Institute can connect your community or organization, contact us!