Peconic Institute
Peconic Institute is committed to promoting a sustainable and resilient future. It is our mission to be an International Center of Excellence that communicates information and encourages new thinking. The Institute’s desire is to enhance the local environmental, social, and economic systems by moving toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

Peconic InstituteThe Institute acknowledges that climate change is occurring and our region needs to prepare for this change. The Peconics are a unique region and is a living laboratory that other communities can model from.

Our Climate Resiliency and Recovery Program, looks beyond sustainability and prepares our built and natural systems to become not only resilient to Mother Nature but to recover quickly and cost-effectively from extreme climate impacts.

The Institute will encourage development of new technologies, drive our regional economy, and communicate science effectively to the community.

Peconic InstituteThe Climate Resiliency and Recovery Program will assist our region in becoming retrofitted and resilient, in other words, retrosilient. Our top priorities are resilient building and water quality restoration.

The Institute will engage entrepreneurs, local planners, architects, builders, engineers, scientists and local governments to serve as a clearinghouse of information to jump-start new technology development, testing, and deployment.

Our region has a long history of traditional and indigenous knowledge and our laboratory will connect the knowledge of our present with the knowledge of our past. Our Global Knowledge Hub, G kH will enhance not only our sustainability and resiliency but will encourage new thinking and innovation towards creating solutions for our most pressing environmental concerns.

Peconic InstituteThe Institute will engage diverse community groups, foster volunteerism from our communities, enhance collaboration among our citizens, municipalities, and non-profits in our Sustainable Learning Development Program.

All our programs are designed to be interconnected with each other to maximize the positive impact within our communities. We will begin with our youth to expand and enhance on Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Open Space Stewardship Program.

We will engage our high school and college students to become fellows of the Institute and conduct research on our behalf; and we will encourage our adults — the working professionals in the arts and sciences — to mentor our youth and young adults to form a transformative exchange of knowledge, perspectives, and solution finding.