Many choose to block LoRaWAN singal jammers when there is a risk that they may interfere with home or business alarm systems. Since these devices block frequency bands, in the hands of malicious people, they can breach home security systems.

When installing an alarm in a home or business, the ideal purpose is to protect the premises and prevent theft or invasion, with the intention of raising the level of privacy and security.

With this in mind, many security companies have had to invest in technology to avoid certain challenges that can arise when these devices are used for sabotage or interference with security alarms to gain illegal entry.

In view of situations like this, in many countries, the use of signal jammers is illegal for private individuals, so their use is only allowed for security entities licensed to operate such devices.

Signal jammers use a technology designed to jam a frequency band or block communications in a specific area, making it an attractive device for criminals to use in order to breach alarms and network protections.

It is for this reason that it is important for you to know that the use of signal jammers should be exclusive to certain sectors or areas of the state for purposes of public safety, diplomatic cases, and areas of the security forces that we specify below.

Used in prisons

Many prisons have incorporated signal jammers into their security equipment, to block and jam signals in their area, with the intention of preventing inmates from communicating with the outside without supervision.

Prisons have alarm and security systems that can be breached, so this type of device blocks any malicious signal that may seek to disconnect or disable prison alarm systems.

Public administration and diplomatic sites

Generally, state buildings and offices or diplomatic headquarters deal with sensitive and important issues that can easily be exposed if security systems are not applied in their communications.

For this reason, it is very common to use signal jammers in these institutions to prevent the leakage of relevant information regarding their administrative or diplomatic operations. Many of them use stationary or fixed signal jammers with a wide range to avoid the intrusion of other signals that violate the privacy of their information.

Military and police forces

Law enforcement and military agencies are fully authorized to use signal jammers both in their facilities and during their operations. These devices block communications channels that could jeopardize a mission or military equipment.

Many times, in military operations, they have to deal with explosives that are remotely controlled, signal jammers can block the frequency bands so that these types of bombs are not detonated.

Police forces use these devices to protect their internal communications and not to hinder their procedures or alert the offender in the event of pursuit or operation.

The use of signal jammers is intended only for security agencies and public organizations of the State, however, in some places these devices are used for business purposes, so it is always advisable to investigate the laws that apply in your location and avoid penalties.


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