One of the most sought-after benefits of being an online entrepreneur is the opportunity to work from home. This is why it has become an attractive option for most moms. From the comfort of your home, you have the ability to create a career or run your own business. All while having the time to take care of your children and manage household to-do lists. To make the most of an online career from home, here are a few helpful tips for moms who are just beginning. 

Your day won’t always go as planned

You have to remember that when you work from home and have your kiddos with you, having a fixed schedule is not recommended. No matter how much you plan, it won’t always go the way you want it to and that’s okay. Just create a checklist of social media tasks to do and make sure you get to tick them off one by one regardless of what time (or manner) you are able to during the day.

Edit and proofread with care

Mommy brain is real so be very cautious about your posts. If you find yourself having to juggle your attention between your social media posts and your kids, don’t rush the content you wish to put out there. Read and reread until you are sure that every word (especially proper nouns) is spelled correctly and that your sentences read properly.

Create batch content

If you often post images and videos, batching them can help you save a lot of time and effort. While your little one is busy playing or taking a nap during the day, plan and create your YouTube videos for the whole week or month, depending on how often you post.

Schedule your social media posts

Once you have a batch of content ready for posting, schedule your social media posts. Although you can set a reminder to post at a certain time and day, you may not be available to post or it may not be an opportune time. Posting on a regular schedule is important to maintain interest and engagement among your followers or subscribers.

Focus your efforts on 1 or 2 platforms

It would be awesome to be available and accessible on all social media platforms but it will require a lot of work. As an entrepreneur mom working from home, you know that this would be a huge challenge to undertake. The best thing to do is to choose just one or two platforms where you think you will get the most attention and engagement. As your schedule gets freer and more flexible, you can then create new accounts on more platforms.

Your kids come first

Social media is important for your career or business. But not as important as your kids. Make sure to have enough time to focus on your children. Set a time during the day when it’s all fun and play and no work involved. Not even a glimpse on your phone or computer. You need it and your kids deserve it.

Final thoughts

It’s not easy balancing work and family even when you are working from home. But if you are blessed with this opportunity, these tips can help make it easier

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