Crystals are powerful healing tools that have been used for centuries by your ancestors to heal not only physical ailments but also mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. Practitioners believe that the vibrations emanating from crystals interact with our electromagnetic fields, thereby creating positive changes within us on multiple levels. 

It is important to remember that you are vulnerable when you are in bed—worrying about financial issues, health problems, and stress. These thoughts will keep you awake like an owl, but if you need something that turns sleeping into a peaceful reality, – Crystals are your answer! 

So in today’s blog, we will tell you about certain crystals that are great for helping to achieve a deeper state of relaxation in which you can slip into slumber in peace.


Amethyst is a beautiful, light violet-colored quartz stone that activates the third eye chakra and connects you with your divine inner-knowing. Sleeping with this feminine crystal under your pillow will bring dreams of healing during the night, causing you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. 

This stone is very nurturing and helpful for those going through shifts in life as it relieves stress, anxiety, headaches, exhaustion. 

Many people choose to keep a piece of amethyst under their pillow, and you can do so too. Or you can invest in an amethyst pendant necklace, and rest assured that you will have a good night’s sleep.


Moonstone- doesn’t the name seem apt for its purpose? It is claimed to relieve emotional tension in the body, so keeping one next to your bed will help you deal with any unpleasant feelings bothering you at night. 

Even if you don’t have any negative or disbursed emotions, the Moonstone will help you fall asleep quickly because it balances your energy chakras. You can put the Moonstone on your nightstand, dresser, or even under your pillow for a well-rested sleep.

Rose quartz

We know rose quartz for its love energy- it has a warm, harmonious vibration that can help contribute to better relationships. It’s the best stone to use when working towards building stronger relationships between partners. 

Rose quartz improves sleep quality, and indeed many people have reported seeing beautiful dreams when they sleep with rose quartz beneath their pillow! 

You can either do the same or solely hold the stone in your hand before going to bed and allow the vibrations of the crystal to clear your mind of any thoughts/ feelings that are preventing you from sleeping soundly.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a symbol of strength and protection. We have used it in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for centuries. It is known to help combat stress and bring about a feeling of calmness to relieve anxiety disorders, and we all know anxiety and stress are the number one cause of sleepless nights!

Not only is black tourmaline a powerful magnet for deflecting harmful energy, but it is also extremely effective in protecting against those same harmful frequencies emitted from electronic devices such as iPads and cell phones (EMF/EMR).

It is also vital to note that tourmaline is a significant crystal when manifesting your wishes. If you have certain wishes but feel as if something is blocking the path, write out your wish in the present tense on a piece of paper and place a tourmaline above it and rest assured that the negative energies that might be standing in the way will become minimized so you can enjoy positive manifestation and abundance.


We know that it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep, but we hope that you find a crystal to help you on this journey to get a well-rested sleep. Sweet sleeping!

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