About Us

Our mission is to promote a more sustainable and resilient planet by being a research and development laboratory that uses consensus building solutions within the Peconic region and beyond.

Our Values and Goals

1. Connecting society with nature by encouraging thought, discussion, and participation on the coexistence and interdependence of society and nature while recognizing and enhancing the rights of humanity and nature.

2. Preparing society to be resilient to climate extremes by promoting and enhancing collaboration among individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, and nature.

3. Fostering a neutral and balanced dialogue among individuals, businesses, organizations, and local government on ecological and social sustainability.

4. Promoting ecological and social sustainability while protecting and growing the Peconic region’s economic development.

5. Researching, promoting, and implementing the learning of knowledge essential to comprehending and supporting sustainable living – personally, locally, and globally.

6. Creating community learning environments that will promote opportunities for enhancing one’s knowledge related to sustainability and resiliency.

7. Conducting research and producing knowledge and technology to be made available via our Global Knowledge Hub.

The Institute collaborate’s with many partners to develop programs that rigorously incorporate our values and goals. Our programs are not stand alone programs, instead they are interconnected to work together to facilitate a more sustainable and resilient future. The Institute is a “one-stop-shop” for the region’s sustainability and resiliency efforts. The Institute will connect our individuals, communities, businesses, local governments, and not-for-profits and maximize our region’s potential of being a living laboratory.