Unique Caddy Design for a No Drip Hygienic Experience

Cleaning toilets is not on the top of any mom’s list. But we all have to keep our bathrooms clean and germ-free. 

Elypro solved the problem of dirty toilet water falling to the floor after each cleaning with a typical toilet brush.  The DRIP FREE TOILET BRUSH is easy to use with the push of a button, the caddy folds out of your way when you want to use the brush and folds right back into a closed position after use. Any excess water drips in it, rather than on the floor. This is what makes this brush dripless! It is also friendly for the environment in comparison to the disposable away toilet brush heads.

Elypro Drip Free Toilet Brush also provides a ventilated caddy which translates to NO GERMS, which is so vital for your family. Germ’s love moist environments, so Elypro designed the ventilated holder caddy to allow quick evaporation of water after every cleaning, thus keeping the germs at bay. 

Additionally, the drip caddy was designed with a spout that lets you drain any excess water with ease. You cannot get better than that! The design is very sleek and can sit out in your bathroom or placed in a closet when not in use. With the two in one design, the holder caddy is conveniently attached to its base and can be easily moved off the way when you need to clean the toilet bowl and just as quickly put back after you have finished. We also love that is durable with great reach. The bristles on the brush will not shed, but keep your toilet safe from scratches.

“I love my Drip Free Toilet Brush; I was always frustrated with the mess while cleaning my toilets. The dirty water always landed on the floor, so I spent time cleaning the floors. Once I tried The Drip Free Toilet Brush, cleaning our toilets is no longer a task I despise. I know the bathroom is clean and germ-free for my family,” DL, Saratoga Springs, NY.

This is a must -have product for every household, but also fabulous for campers and offices as well.  

You can purchase Elypro Drip Free Toilet Brush on Amazon. shorturl.at/V1268

Learn more about Elypro at: www.elypro.com

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