The term “locum tenens hospitalist” is gaining momentum with each passing day. Although it has been a viable part of the medicine and healthcare industry since time immemorial, it is only now that the industry is acknowledging its importance. 

The entire healthcare system counts on locum tenens to solve the most common staffing issues. For days to months, they take up the duty of permanent doctors whenever the hospital needs them. Considering that and other benefits, many hospitals prefer having more locum tenens hospitalists than permanent staff. 

Let us find out who are locum tenens hospitalists and why do hospitals need them. 

Who are locum tenens doctors or hospitalists? 

Locum tenens hospitalists, locum tenens doctors, locum tenens, or simply locums are physicians you hire for your hospital or medical facility for a short interval of time for various reasons, such as lack of staff, covering for a physician, etc. 

The practice benefits both ends of the spectrum. While it gives flexibility, growth, and learning opportunities to locums, the hospitals get additional help when they need it the most.

Here are some reasons why hospitals need locum tenens. 

Saves costs

Locum tenens are qualified medical practitioners, but they charge less than permanent medical staff. Hospitals pay locum tenens only for the days they work, unlike permanent staff, which is paid for the entire shift. Hence, hiring locum tenens accounts for cost reduction. 

However, hospitals are required to check the qualification and skills of the locums beforehand to use them appropriately. 

Helping in workload management

Sometimes hospitals find it difficult to manage their workload due to the absence of a permanent practitioner or a sudden epidemic or pandemic situation. Here locum tenens come into the picture and help hospitals and other medical facilities manage their caseload. They step in to substitute the doctors and help hospitals extend uncompromised treatment and care to their patients. 

Extending reach to rural areas

In the US or any other country, the rural area comprises the most vulnerable fraction of the society. They do not get access to adequate healthcare services. 

Locum tenens help the healthcare industry meet the needs of this section. They help the hospitals extend their specialist healthcare services to rural areas. They fill in for the staff and ensure that people living in rural areas get proper treatment. 

Introducing new services and programs 

Inadequately staffed hospitals rarely get a chance to introduce new programs or expand their services. Locum tenens hospitalists allow them to fill these gaps. 

Hospitals can hire locum tenens and meet the growing demand for specialist physicians that occurs during these situations. 

Positive patient care 

Physicians often burn out during heavy patient load, and it reflects in the services extended. With locum tenens, hospitals can catalyze their services and ensure positive patient care. 

Locum tenens hospitalists, due to their flexible work hours, do not succumb to burnout. They boost the morale of their patients and make up for the lack of services.  

Easy to fire 

One of the most underrated benefits of hiring locum tenens hospitalists for hospitals is that they are easy to fire. Suppose a locum is not delivering an up-to-the-mark performance at the hospital. In that case, the hospital can fire them almost instantly without finding their replacement, which isn’t the case with permanent employees. 

The bottom line 

Locum tenens doctors are the need of the hour for the healthcare industry. They fill the lag between demand and supply in the industry and help in shaping it for good. 

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