Busy moms need a little self-care more than anyone. However, it’s tough to squeeze in time for a spa day between work and family responsibilities. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to take a holiday to show yourself a little TLC every single day. Here are nine self-care tips for moms this fall that don’t require much time — but can make a major difference. 

1. Switch Up Your Moisturizer 

Have you noticed that your skin gets drier in the wintertime? You aren’t alone. The combination of low humidity indoors and out can sap moisture from your skin. Exposure to wind and frequent handwashing in the age of COVID likewise can leave you flaky and taut. 

The solution is as simple as switching up your moisturizer. Look for one rich in fatty acids to protect your skin. Slather it on as soon as you dry yourself from your shower to form a moisture barrier against the elements. Oils such as argan won’t clog your pores but will keep you from getting excessively ashy. 

Another tip: invest in an aromatherapy diffuser. Unlike scented candles, they don’t release toxins into your indoor air. They do act as miniature humidifiers — placing one on your work desk and near your bed can help keep your skin supple. 

2. Try Some New Moves 

You work out for the health benefits — but fitness doesn’t have to mean slogging away on the gym elliptical while watching bad reruns on television. Make working out into self-care by finding something you love to do that nurtures your body and mind. 

For example, dancing might be the ultimate workout for preserving both your body and your brain. Researchers compared various activities, from biking to crossword puzzles, and dance came out the clear winner for reducing your Alzheimer’s risk. The combination of movement with following the steps builds your neuroplasticity, helping your neurons form new connections. Dock your iPhone and get your groove on or try a fitness app like DailyBurn that features dance workouts. 

3. Upgrade to an Electric Toothbrush

Can taking care of your teeth become a daily mindful act of self-care? Yes, and the right tools make it more effective and pleasant. 

Outfit your bathroom with a little oral care kit consisting of a fluoride-based mouth rinse, a water flosser and an electric toothbrush. Make part of your evening cool-down routine retreating to your bathroom for five minutes of peace while you polish your pearlies. 

Studies suggest an electric rotary brush removes plaque more effectively than a manual. Other research shows that water flossers do a comparable job to string without all the mess and sore gums. Finish with a rinse, and you’ll go to bed feeling fresh and kissable. 

4. Get Festive With Your Nails 

The holidays are almost here — why not show your spirit by getting a little festive with your nails? If you have the money, you can splurge on a salon. If not, why not DIY at home? 

Get your partner or children involved to make this self-care activity fun for the whole family. You can pick up inexpensive nail art stickers that the littles will love at nearly any discount store. You and your loved one can exchange relaxing foot massages before painting your piggies. 

5. Take a Tea Bath

Relaxing in a hot bath is the ultimate in self-care. Why not spice yours up a bit and make it even more healing with a bit of tea? You can ease aches and pains as the herbal ingredients penetrate your skin, your body’s largest organ. 

Chamomile and lavender are excellent choices for relaxation. You can brew a pot and add it right to your water or toss in a few bags with some Epsom salts. Use a bit of caution if using varieties with root herbs like turmeric, though — they can leave yellow stains that are hard to remove. 

6. Read Something Uplifting 

What’s on your e-reader? You can practice daily self-care before bedtime by reading something that lifts your spirits. 

Think about it: you spend most of your day bombarded by external stimuli, little of which is happy or under your control. Even if you cut the cable cord, you can’t ignore the background din of the workplace radio or coffee shop television newscast. All that negativity can drag you down — but reading something that soothes your spirit helps counterbalance the effect. 

7. Hit a Few Balls 

Do you think of golf as a sport only for the elite? You don’t have to pony up greens fees to hit the driving range. 

If you do have a little extra cash, why not take a lesson or two with a friend? You can show off the next time you play with the guys or simply enjoy the satisfaction of nailing a good drive as you blow off steam for the day. 

8. Take a Hike 

Relaxing in the great outdoors can give you a break from the pitter-patter din that you love — but could use a respite from on occasion. If possible, find somewhere so quiet that you can hear the birds flapping overhead. 

Doing so might boost your immunity during this crazy COVID-19 era. Plants emit chemicals called phytoncides that kick the human defense system into high gear when you breathe enough of them. 

9. Redo Your Bedroom 

Sleep is sometimes the ultimate self-care for moms. Anyone who has gone through late-night feedings can testify. 

Make your bedroom a cozy haven. Ban electronics, opting instead for a wind-up alarm that won’t wake you up with a harsh neon glow. Invest in ultra-soft pillows and throws to swaddle yourself in comfort each evening. 

Fall Self-Care Tips for Moms 

Moms deserve self-care more than anyone. Heed these nine tips for a relaxing, refreshing fall. 

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