Bringing home a new baby comes with a unique set of challenges. Sleep deprivation makes the first few months of your newborn’s life seem never-ending. You think you’re in the clear when your child starts sleeping more and gets more independent.

An entirely new set of challenges will present itself once your little one becomes more mobile, though. Childproofing your home becomes a priority once they start crawling and walking. Keep reading to learn how to have the safest baby proof living room.

Start Low

When you’re babyproofing any room, change your perspective. Your child isn’t going to be reaching on the top shelf for anything anytime soon. They will be curious about things that are within their reach. 

Make vacuuming your space a regular occurrence. Small everyday items may hit the floor without you even realizing it. Paperclips, pins, even small pieces of paper can become a choking hazard.

Zip tie long electrical cords and keep them in a safe place out of the baby’s reach. Better yet, strategize your furniture placement to ensure cords are hidden.

Baby Proof Your Furniture

As your baby becomes more mobile, more of your living room will become accessible. You need to look at every piece of furniture and determine the best course of action to babyproof it. 

You know how much it hurts if you hit your knee on the edge of your coffee table, right? Now imagine how painful that could be for your toddler. Sharp edges on tables are a real area of concern as your unstable baby begins to walk. 

We recommend investing in wood and glass table corner protectors

Next up is securing heavy furniture to your wall. Over 285 children have died following furniture tip-over incidents since 2000. Entertainment stands, televisions, and bookshelves are the most common culprits in living rooms.

Furniture wall anchor kits and cables are affordable and simple to install. You can find them online on Amazon or at your local hardware store. 

Consider Your Window Coverings

Window blinds are a leading cause of injury in children under six. Blind cords injure two children under six every day and kill one per month. 

Once your child is mobile, they may become curious about the blind cords. Cord entanglement can happen in seconds and cause severe injury or strangulation. 

The easiest way to prevent window blind injury is to remove all blinds with cords. While there are tricks you can use to keep cords out of babe’s reach, doing so may only provide a false sense of security. The only way you can 100% prevent injury or death is by investing in cord-free blinds. 

If you cannot afford to replace your window coverings yet, be strategic with your living room layout. Move furniture away from the windows so your child cannot use them to access your blind cords. 

Simple Steps for a Baby Proof Living Room

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. A baby proof living room can be yours with just a few careful considerations. It may take an afternoon to babyproof your space, but doing so provides a safe area for your children (and peace of mind for Mom and Dad). 

Keep browsing our blogs for more tips on creating a safe and nurturing space for your little one.

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