Did you know that less than 1% of women who undergo tubal ligation have gotten pregnant afterward?

There’s no getting around the fact you need to get a tubal ligation reversal if you’ve changed your mind and want to have the possibility of pregnancy.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much does tubal ligation reversal cost?” Keep reading to learn all about it.

The Average Cost of Tubal Ligation

Put in the simplest terms, the prices of tubal ligation reversal can vary depending on a variety of factors, including what tests are necessary beforehand, what insurance you have, and much more. Where you live in the United States can also play a role in the final price of the procedure.

Overall, the average price of tubal ligation reversal is about $8,700. However, the surgery could end up being as cheap as $5,000 or as expensive as $20,000, if not more.

Some of these costs include fees associated with the surgeon, the supplies, the anesthesia, and more. The necessity of additional testing will be determined by your doctor. For instance, they may suggest a semen analysis, an egg quality test, or an HSG test.

Extra Costs

Are you still asking, “How much does a tubal ligation reversal cost?”

You also have to take note of the fact that you won’t be able to get back to work right after the surgery. In that sense, the costs of the surgery increase because that’s money that isn’t going into your bank account like it’s supposed to.

If you’ve had mini-laparotomy surgery, then you can expect the recovery time to take around two weeks. On the other hand, laparoscopic surgery often takes no more than a week for you to recover.

Another expense involves post-surgical medication. You may get a prescription from your doctor, which will cost more depending on what kind of health insurance you have. You could opt for over-the-counter medication instead, which is less expensive in general.

Free Tubal Ligation Reversal

Are you struggling with figuring out how you’ll cover the tubal ligation reversal cost? You might be able to qualify for pro bono surgery.

There are a lot of surgeons across the country who perform pro bono surgery as a way of paying it forward.

You can also look into the promising opportunity of free tubal reversal grants. These grants require an application and are dependent upon your current financial situation. Your credit score will also play a factor.

With a grant, don’t forget that it’s your responsibility to get financing approval. If you forget this step, you might experience delays in your surgery.

Are You Ready to Get Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Has anyone ever asked you, “How much does tubal ligation cost?” Now that you’ve learned all about it, you can tell them everything they need to know.

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