Moving is rarely an inexpensive venture and the more help you need and the more stuff you have to move, the bigger that expense is going to be. It is important to have a true sense of what you need, and what you are prepared to pay for. In order to get the best sense of the cost of movers, it is important to get a variety of quotes from moving companies. At Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List, a quick search for a moving company can help you discover your options and start on the road to a successful move that stays within your budget.

Getting the Best Price For the Move You Need

Not all moves are created equal. Some people have the ability to plan a move far in advance, others discover they need to move at short notice. A single person with limited belongings will not have the level of expense that a family has when they are moving to a larger home. Some moving companies consist of a couple of workers who can load and pack their vehicle and drive it to the destination of your choice. Some handle long-distance moves, while others work within a limited area. All of these factors can influence the cost of your move.

Moving Locally

If you are moving locally, and have a smaller move ahead of you, it may be possible to move for a few hundred dollars. If you’re moving a larger home, expect to pay around $1500 for a basic local move.  For each mover that helps you, there will be an additional cost based on how long you need their help, and what they need to move. Many charge extra for large furniture, and there may be extra costs for special items, such as pianos or anything else that needs to be handled with a bit more care. If you are moving to the third floor of an apartment with no elevator and have heavy or awkward items to move, this can also add to your moving expenses. If it is possible, you can cut costs by arranging to move in the middle of the month or during cooler weather when the demand is lower.

Long Distance Moves

If you are moving across the country, the costs start to go up significantly, and you may discover you prefer to keep your move as small as possible. It is not unusual for a long-distance move to approach $10,000, and for many, it may be worth it to sell and replace many of their belongings rather than carting them across several states. Getting a quote as early in the process as possible can help you make an informed decision on what you want to keep or replace, and it may even help you find more room in your budget to help with services such as packing.

Checking Credentials of Your Movers

Whether you are going across town or across the country, hiring movers isn’t just about muscle. It’s about having a sense of security that you have professional movers helping you that know how to avoid injury, and that can keep your belongings safe throughout the journey. A quality moving company should be able to provide you with a detailed checklist of probable moving costs, known as a written order of service. They should also have a U.S. Department of Transportation Registration number, proof of liability insurance,  a freight bill itemizing what services were performed after the move, and a contract between you and their company that reviews in writing what services are provided. In order to make the process a bit less complex, some people choose to work with a broker that will help them get the level of service they are most comfortable with.

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