The Honor Magic V phone is the latest foldable phone in the market and with it comes many great features. One of these features is how the speakers are calibrated to give a great sound experience.

The first thing that was done to calibrate the speakers was to put them in different positions for each ear. This makes it so that one speaker is closer to you than another so you can hear it better. From calls to gaming, music to movies and so on, the honor foldable phone is designed with acoustics in mind.

The speakers were then calibrated using software that could adjust their volume, bass response, treble response, midrange response, and loudness. This made it so that the speakers would always be clear and crisp no matter what type of sound you were listening too.

The last thing that was done with calibration was making sure all sounds were equalized properly by using an equalizer. By doing this, the phone’s manufacturers ensured all sounds played at once without any distortion or clipping sounds like there sometimes can be when using other phones.

Factory Speaker Calibration

The manufacturers of this phone base on the fact that sound quality is one of the most important aspects of a phone. In fact, it’s the only thing people will remember about your device. If your speakers aren’t calibrated well enough, then no matter how good your other features are, you won’t be able to sell your phone.

So what makes the honor’s phone calibration different from others?

The answer lies in their use of an algorithm called “Pulse Code Modulation” (PCM). It’s a method of capturing audio data that allows the manufacturer to recreate sounds at higher bit rates than usual – (1920Hz for the magic V phone)

The PCM algorithm works by taking samples of an audio signal at regular intervals. The higher the sample rate, the more accurate representation of sound you get. This is done by a few different people to ensure that they are all calibrated to the same setting.

Manual Adjusting of Magic V Phone’s Speakers

The first step in speaker calibration happens as soon as you take your Honor Magic V out of the box. You will be prompted to complete a quick tuning process that allows the phone to learn your listening habits and optimize audio based on your preferences. This can be adjusted later at any time through your settings menu.

The next step in speaker calibration is specific to gaming. When gaming, it was noticed that there are three typical scenarios when using the external speaker:

1. You play games while holding the phone facing away from you. This exposes your phone speakers away from you and towards other players or bystanders who might hear sounds from your game which might ruin the experience of others around you.

2. You hold the phone facing towards you but can’t hear sounds because it’s too quiet or muffled because of how your hand is over the speaker grille.

3. There are two people playing together and both want to hear the same sounds clearly but one player can’t hear it if their Honor Magic V is pointed away from them

To solve this, The Honor Magic V smartphone has got an exclusive ‘smart digital noise reduction’ feature which has been added to ensure that there is no distortion of sound while playing music at loud volumes. The phone comes with a dedicated audio chip which is responsible for making the sound quality better.

One of the reasons why this phone can produce such a rich sound is because it has got a dual speaker which gives out louder sounds than single speaker phones. While the bass sound is produced by one speaker, the other speaker produces medium and high frequency sounds. This combination of two types of speakers produces better sound quality than a single speaker would have done.

Experience super amazing stereo sounds with honor’s magic V today! Place the order for your phone and get it delivered to you almost instantly.


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