Whether you live in a sub-compact city condo or a smaller-than-you-would-like suburban home, you may be desperate for space. You require space to do yoga, craft or meditate. Or you may perhaps need a second work from home office. And one thing is very evident: ‘creating’ space is quite complex.

You might already have an idea about a Murphy bed – a space-saving bed that can fold down from the wall. Moreover, it may be the answer to your concerns with maximizing your space. Although you recognize the significance of a bed that can fold up and down to save space in your room, you might still have unanswered questions even after researching “Murphy bed”. You might still be curious about the following:

  • Is it possible to create storage space around the bed for clothing, office supplies, or crafting equipment?
  • How can I combine a home office into a small space but still have a bed?
  • Where am I going to put the pillows?
  • How can this tiny apartment or small guest room be transformed into a multi-purpose space without feeling cramped?

If you are struggling with any of the above-mentioned issues, you are not alone. Murphy bed advancements, on the other hand, have developed rapidly during the last few years. There are different ways to incorporate both fun and functionality into a Murphy bed, maximizing its value.

And in this post, we will take a deeper look into seven ideas for getting the most value for your Murphy bed.

Adding a fold-down desk

Did you ever consider the possibility that you and your partner will both work from home? One of you may be operating out of a tiny bedroom nook. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you are attempting to appear professional on Zoom meetings while surrounded by messy cereal boxes and stacked paperwork on the kitchen table. This does not reflect well on your professional reputation.

You might be desperately seeking a work-at-home location where the kids could not barge in while you are hoping to impress a high-profile customer. You require an area that is both comfy and does not compel you to work in the basement.

Do not fret, though, because the good news is that the ideal location may be hiding in your underutilized spare bedroom or in an open space in your apartment.

Today, there are Murphy beds that have desks that fold down. These workspaces are both convenient and suitable for overnight guests or even for you to be able to use every day.

Adding some shelves on the sides 

You require storage for clothes and office supplies, as well as craft supplies, books, and artworks, but where would you store them? With a fold-down bed (which appears to be a polished piece of furniture), you may add shelves (with or without cabinet doors) to the sides of the bed for storage.

Adding a pillow box

One of the things that no one will tell you when you purchase a Murphy bed is that the bed cannot be folded up with the pillows inside. And, while the bedding can remain on the bed, you will still need to find a way to store those pillows when the bed is folded into the wall.

And if the storage space is already limited, finding a spot for the pillows may be a challenge.

This should not be a problem, though. When you purchase a Murphy bed with an integrated pillow box, you will have a compartment for the pillows. Consequently, you should take into consideration that adding a pillow box will extend the Murphy bed 3″ than its current dimension. This must be considered when determining the bed’s fit in your apartment or spare room. However, in most circumstances, the additional 3″ is irrelevant.

Adding a wardrobe closet

Purchasing a loft apartment in the city sounds fantastic until you try to fit all of your belongings in the unit. 

Yes, loft flats’ closets are pretty horrible. It is not something you usually consider extensively before moving in.

A simple solution to this problem is to purchase a Murphy bed that includes a wardrobe closet. This wardrobe closet can even be designed with the same pattern as the bed.

Adding a full desk

While the fold-down desk that was mentioned earlier in this article is stylish and appealing, your home office needs may be more durable.

To be totally realistic, a fold-down desk will not suffice. You will require a big enough space of filing cabinets, shelves, and desk space.

However, worry not; with appropriate modifications, you can fit not just a wall bed into a small guest bedroom, but you can also have a full-sized desk plus drawers.

Adding a nightstand with ample drawers 

While it is delightful to have people over, you would not feel that you are hospitable enough if the only space they have to put their mobile phone and luggage bags would be on the floor. You would want to have a space to have the look of a completed bedroom. You would like your guests to feel more comfortable. However, how can you accomplish this goal while also gaining floor space using a Murphy bed?

To that end, a clever solution is to incorporate a nightstand – complete with drawers) at the bed’s sides. A nightstand is an ideal location for a lamp, mobile phone, and extra storage.

And if you do not want a small nightstand, another option is to install a pull-out rack into your bedside shelving units.

Adding lighting

This is not just a fashionable idea, but also a practical one. If you are like many people, your spare bedroom’s ceiling light is unimpressive and usually does not provide the best lighting too). And lighting your apartment – given the high ceilings – is, to put it mildly, challenging.

However, a creative solution to this problem would be to have additional lighting within your Murphy bed. Install led lights in the upper framing of the bed or add illumination through the fancy headboard.

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