Getting Away From the Winter

If you are a Northeast U.S. native, you might not automatically think of the early winter as the best time to get out and sightsee. Who can blame you? Deal with enough northeastern winters and even as soon as November, if you could, you very well might choose to not leave the house until spring shows its head again. As you can imagine, things are a little different in The Grand Canyon State.

Clear as day when you think about it, those winter months are the best time to get out and sightsee in Arizona. As the state’s nickname implies, the number one defining attraction of Arizona is the Grand Canyon. Even in the winter months, it’s still wonderfully sunny and the temperatures remain mild.

Beating the Arizona Heat

Those mild winter days make for great conditions to explore the Grand Canyon opposed to the scorching summer heat one might encounter in Arizona. Milder conditions make all the logistics easier when planning. With extreme heat not being an issue, it’ll be easier to pack and prepare given hydration will be that little bit less of a worry. Of course, hydration is still something to take seriously. 

Taking Advantage of the Off-Season

If you are heading elsewhere in the state, winter is still typically the best time to do so. Largely, this is because it’s the off season for most tourists. As it gets later in the year, most people will have done their big trip already. This means more Arizona for you, simply put. Nothing wrong with others around you but when you are trying to explore the nature of Arizona, the least thing you want is for a national or state park to feel more like an amusement park in terms of the crowds around you.

Another reason for this, and this is an applicable tip for most traveling, is that kids are back in school and parents already have their minds on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another way for you to have more Arizona to yourself. If your trip looks more like staying inside a city like Sedona and not as much nature, there will still be more convenience and fewer waits and/or lines, mixed with beautiful days in the 60s, when experiencing things such as nightlife, shopping, and wine tasting.

Once you find yourself in love with all the beauty that the great state of Arizona has to offer, thankfully there’s a multitude of places to settle down in. Before you know it, you’ll be making the final decision between your favorite Glendale apartments and you’ll never be far from the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and the rest of the beautiful Arizona ever again.

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