The rush and need to get back to normalcy after a hurricane should be met with the realities of potential hazards that linger long after the ravaging winds and rains stop. This calls for prioritizing your safety and that of your loved ones by taking proper precautionary measures after the storm passes. Here, we look at how to stay safe after a hurricane.

  • Only return home after it is safe

If you evacuated your home during the hurricane, do not be in a rush to get back there until authorities tell you it is safe to do so. This will help you avoid unnecessary dangers as the area could still be flooded, making your property inaccessible. Once it is safe to go back home, it is critical to carefully document any damages caused by the storm, as this will help when filing insurance claims.

If your property is severely damaged, create a list of all destroyed or lost items before seeking temporary shelter and contacting your insurer. If you were a victim of the recent hurricane Ida, click here to learn the steps of filing hurricane Ida insurance claims.  

If your home is safe enough to stay in, be wary of the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks by ensuring your detectors are working and avoiding using candles or generators indoors.

  • Keep away from floodwater and damaged power lines

Do not attempt to wade or drive through floodwater, as all it takes is a few inches of water to knock you down or sweep away your car. The risks are enhanced if there are damaged power lines nearby as you could easily get electrocuted. Do not forget to teach your kids about water safety and the dangers of standing water, regardless of how shallow it might seem.  

  • Beware of wild animals and pests

After a hurricane, wild animals and house pests will be desperately seeking food and warmth. You need to be prepared to encounter these unwanted guests and protect yourself and your family from their dangers. A rule of thumb is to thoroughly clean your home before settling in, be armed with insect and animal repellent, and notify authorities of the presence of wild animals.

  • Wear protective clothing and gear

You never know what you might encounter after a hurricane, and the best way to stay safe is to wear protective clothing and gear. Do not forget to include face coverings and have plenty of disinfectant for the entire family to use after stepping outdoors.

  • Be cautious of waterborne  and airborne diseases

Floodwater contains all kinds of debris and germs, making it extremely dangerous to everyone. Any exposure to floodwaters should be well-managed by washing up with soap and clean water to avoid infections. You should also stick to drinking bottled water and using boiled water for cooking to prevent waterborne diseases. Finally, you should also protect yourself from airborne opportunists and poor air quality by wearing a protective mask.


You need to be careful about handling the aftermath of a hurricane, as there are many dangers to watch out for. Always proceed with caution by putting these tips into practice while avoiding letting your emotions get the better of you.

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