Are you expecting?

The expecting mother works hard to grow a human, burning calories equivalent to the body of an endurance athlete. This makes taking extra care of yourself during this time very important.

Keeping yourself well gives your baby an optimal chance at good health and proper growth. Read on to learn how to improve fetal health during your pregnancy!

Take Prenatal Vitamins

A mother’s body needs nutrients to grow a baby during pregnancy. Vitamins and minerals not only fuel the process but provide babies the substance and energy they need to survive and grow.

The body works in amazing ways and will often out the growing fetus first when you lack important nutrients. But, it will draw from your stores that you need to stay healthy. 

Then, what happens when you deplete your stores? Deficiencies of important nutrients during pregnancy put mommy and baby at risk. For example, a lack of folate in the first trimester can lead to the fets developing the devastating condition, spina bifida.

Taking a daily vitamin, like Citranatal Harmony, ensures that you get everything needed during pregnancy. It also takes away the risk of overloading on nutrients that can harm the fetus.

For example, regular vitamins contain high levels of vitamin D and retinol, which can lead to birth defects. A smart mother will make taking vitamins fun by creating a chart and offering yourself a treat at the end of each week when you check off all of your boxes.

Walk New Places

Create a list of fun places you want to visit. Put local parks, beaches, museums, and other large spaces on there. 

Each week, visit one new place and walk it. Staying active during your pregnancy will improve maternal health and ready you for labor day. It will also help you keep your pregnancy weight under control to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes that can put the baby at risk.

Try Prenatal Yoga

Yoga helps both the body and mind. A strong and flexible body will help with the growing pains and prepare you for major changes during childbirth.

A calm mind will help you focus on the important preparations for welcoming your little one into your life. It will also reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

High cortisol levels will also stress the baby and lead to low birth weight and the possibility of premature labor. Taking a prenatal yoga class will promote healthy fetal development while connecting you with other new mommas.

Satisfy Your ‘No-No’ Cravings

You must avoid many things during pregnancy to keep your baby healthy. But, what if you could satisfy your cravings without the danger and guilt?

Grab your blender, a bag of ice, fresh fruits, and non-alcoholic beverages. Invite over the girls and create fancy mommy mocktails together.

During this gathering, why not satisfy your sushi craving as well? Buy rice rolls and your favorite fresh veggies. You can even add in shrimp or fish if you cook it well!

Top off this girl’s night in with a guilt-free sundae. Provide yourself and your baby with all of the nutrients you need with:

  • Frozen yogurt
  • Peanuts, almonds, and other unsalted nuts
  • Fresh banana, berries, and mango
  • Shaved dark cacao 

A little dollop of whipped cream may not offer much nutritionally. But it will not hurt anybody either!

Make Fetal Health Your Priority

As an expecting mother, you must make fetal health your top priority. But this can add to your life, rather than putting a damper on it. Just make healthy choices fun for you!

Parenting is amazing, but babies don’t come with a manual. If you feel overwhelmed, calm yourself with parenting tips from our website!

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