Experts say that giving children a space they can call their own is a first step that can often lead to greater self-esteem and independence. But designing a kids’ space that you both like can be a difficult balance to strike. 

You want it to be fun and playful, while not being too loud and crazy or something they’ll grow out of within a few months. This can be particularly difficult when you’re working on boys room design, which seems to stump many homeowners into giving up and letting these rooms go unfinished for years. 

Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve found five great ideas to help you get your boys bedroom in shape so both you and your kids are obsessed with it!  

1. Add Whimsical Furniture 

Every bedroom needs to have certain types of furniture to make it functional; a bed, some kind of storage for clothing, and maybe a bedside table are the normal basics. An easy way to take them from boring to fun in a kids’ room is to choose more whimsical pieces. 

Instead of a traditional bed, maybe choose a loft bed where the mattress is lifted off the ground and there is the option of a desk or play area underneath. Or maybe your child is very interested in something specific that could be incorporated into the furniture. 

Using the furniture as a way to customize that space makes it feel more special, instead of just a generic room thrown together that could be for anyone. 

This can also be done by customizing more traditional pieces by painting them a favorite color, adding twinkle lights, or customizing the fabrics used. Every extra step makes a difference in the overall design of the space. 

2. Integrate Toys

As much as parents wish it wasn’t so at times, toys are definitely a key part of any kid’s life and that includes their spaces. It’s best if you can just incorporate them to begin with so they feel like they belong instead of like an afterthought that’s ruining the design. 

First, make sure your boys bedroom ideas include enough storage to handle their toys. The storage should be not only beautiful but also functional enough that the child can manage the system on their own (depending on their age of course!). When you make storage a part of the room it becomes a focal point and can be a showstopper.

We also love to take special toys and make them part of the decor itself. Put them on a shelf as a display or hang their art pieces like a gallery! This also makes the child feel like they were a part of the design choices. 

3. Fun Accent Wall

Child spaces are meant to be fun and nothing screams fun like bright colors and prints. The easiest way to reach that goal is to add an accent wall to the room that will become the focal part of the design. 

These days there are all kinds of easy options, like this dinosaur wallpaper, that make a big splash in a room with just one simple addition. It can change the whole look of the room and influence the rest of the choices you make to bring the whole design together as a cohesive look.

For a more intricate look, you could add a woodwork trim detail in a bright color. This kind of accent wall adds dimension and texture while still lending itself to more flexibility and would work for teenage boy room designs or baby boy nursery room designs just the same.

An accent wall punches up the volume in a room and breaths some personality into any design!  

4. Make Space for Creativity

Since you’ve made a space for all of the child’s toys, we think it’s a good idea to also have a dedicated spot for creativity as well. One of the best parts about being a kid is the freedom to express yourself without the limitation that sometimes comes as you grow older. 

These creative spaces can be as simple as an art easel in the corner with all the necessary supplies to draw and make masterpieces. Or be more complicated with a stage for putting on shows for stuffed animal audiences. You know your child and the kind of creative play they like to engage in, so be sure to incorporate that into their space! 

5. Bring in Personalized Touches

The whole reason you’re trying to create this beautiful, well-designed boys room is to help your child feel at home. For them to feel like they have a place that’s theirs, where they can go to feel safe and comfortable no matter what happened everywhere else in the world that day.

One of the best ways to cultivate that feeling is to fill the room with personalized touches. This can be done in a variety of ways but we’ll share a few of our favorite ideas. 

Obviously, favorite photos are a great way to add familiarity to a room but they don’t just have to be formal portraits. Frame candids from your last family vacation, a landscape of their favorite bike ride, or a family tradition they love. Don’t forget to add some of their beloved artwork!

Personalized pieces make your child feel more at home and comfortable, which should be the ultimate goal! 

Best Boys Room Design Ideas 

There is so much thought and care that goes into making any house a home and designing it to fit exactly what your family needs. Each carefully planned touch makes it feel like your family and your end goal. This is why working on a boys room design can be so difficult!

Following this guide can make the whole process much easier as you take it step by step to make it a beautiful, functional, and playful place where everyone is happy to be. 

If you’re interested in seeing more family-friendly home design ideas, check out our other articles today! 

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