If you are planning for a move, you need to consider some points to make a successful move. You need to be careful about selecting a moving company or team. It is important to do proper diligence and find the right moving company. Keep your family safe from moving scams, learn how to distinguish a reputable moving company from a fly-by-night organization. Protect your family from the horrors of a moving scam.

The red signs for moving scams

 You have to choose a reliable, comprehensive, and safe moving team. In this article, we will discuss the red signs for moving scams so that you can avoid the unlucky experience and the steps you should follow to protect yourself from moving scams. So, here are some red signs you need to be aware of:

  • There will be no appropriate information on the moving team or company’s website

One of the red signs is when you will scroll over the moving company’s website and you won’t find any moving company’s registration information, local address, or insurance proof/options. Also, when you make a call on the given number on the website, they will answer your call by saying a general name like moving team or home moving company rather than a specific company or brand. 

  • The moving company provides a quote only by online or phone call

When a moving company does not want to visit your place or home physically to give a final quote or estimate, it is a red sign. A reputed moving company visits your place physically, checks all your packs and belongings then makes an estimate accurately. The fraud company won’t agree to make an on-site visit and check what will be moved and without proper inspection, they will give you an estimate online or over the call, will take your money or deposit, and disappear. 

  • The moving company demands a large amount and advance payment

The scammer will demand a comparatively large amount for a moving job and ask you to pay money in advance. Once your payment is done, they will accept the payment and vanish. Another moving scam is, they hold your belongings, and to give back your items they demand more money. 

  • The provided estimate might be suspicious

Another red sign is, you will find the estimate suspicious. The company will provide one estimate that will be dramatically lesser than the other one. The scammer does not agree to provide any written estimates or information.

  • The moving company does not have branded or company vehicles

The other red sign is, the moving company appears with rental vehicles or trucks. A well-known company has its own company signage and branded truck. But The scammers do not have signage on their trucks.

  • The moving company do not have any legal and policies

If a moving company does not mention any terms of service or your rights and responsibilities, it is a red sign. A renowned company always holds its own legal terms and policies. They always mention the rights and responsibilities of their customers before making a move.  

Steps you should follow to protect yourself from moving scams

Everybody wants to avoid unwanted experiences. So, there are some points you need to follow in order to protect yourself from fraud moving teams or companies. Here are some steps that will help you to avoid scammers:

  1. Research for a well-known moving company: while you will go for research you will find a lot of moving companies. But you need to spend some time doing research and finding the best moving company.
  2. Check for moving company license: according to the law of the state, every mover or moving companies including local movers, must have a license. Before choosing a moving company or making a deposit, you need to ensure that the company is officially licensed and registered.  
  3. Check for terms, policies, and conditions of the moving company: read and understand all the terms and policies of the moving company before signing the papers or contracts. Check for your rights and responsibilities, their charges, and other conditions properly.
  4. Be aware of signing blank contract papers: check the authenticity of written information before signing the papers. The scammers might provide you a low charge or a blank or partial contract paper so that after signing they can add extra charges and make a large amount.   
  5. Check and compare the reviews: reading and comparing the reviews of the moving companies is an excellent step. It will help you to have an idea based on the experiences of preceding customers. You can judge which moving company will be the best for your task after reading the customer’s opinion. So, you should not only look for the star rating but also the previous customer’s comment that will show you the complete story about the company’s service. 
  6. Ask for a suggestion or recommendation: ask the trusted people, your family members, or friends for suggestions or recommendations about hiring a moving company. Sometimes, agents can help you to find a better moving company.
  7. Make sure the company will provide you with moving insurance: some companies provide moving insurance that offers safety for your belongings if the items are lost or damaged during making the move. 

Moving might seem like a challenging step. But it can become an easier task with an appropriate plan, strategy, and choosing the right party.

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